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November 23, 2012
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Over sleeping. It isn't exactly something you want to do when you live with an insane American.

Alice Kirkland, who had finally gotten to sleep after all the anxiousness from the audition results, was rudely awoken by a very fat cat who insisted on being the family alarm dog, if that was even a thing.

"Alfred, get off me, or no cuddle time later." Alice says groggily, trying to sit up, Alfred the fat cat making it nearly impossible to do so.

"Alice! You up, we gotta go in a few- Alfie, what are you doing boy?" Emily enters Alice's room, making no effort to notice that Alice wasn't even fully awake.

"What time is it?" Alice asks

"Sev' Forty-five." Emily says picking up her cat, making it seem effortless.

"What!? Already? Why didn't you wake me up earlier you wank!?" Alice quickly bolts out of bed, locating her uniform.

"Maddie came up earlier" Emily says walking to the door with her cat, "I'll be downstairs if you need me"

"Right." Alice had a feeling this was only the beginning of the horrors of the day.


"You're late! Forty points to Slitherin, aru." Ms. Wang exclaims as Alice, Emily and Maddie try and sneak their way into home room.

"Hey! I'm still having feelings over that!" Alice says walking to her desk and sitting down. There was something off.


"Why are you in my seat?"

"Alice, I knew you would come to me eventually"

"Out of my seat"

"I was here first"

"It's my seat!"

"Daily squabble, what would we do without it?" Gilbert jokes a seat back.

"Enjoy the silence?" Antonio answers.

"Dude, it was rhetorical-"
"Vows are spoken, to be broken." Emily says taking a seat next to Francesca and Alice.

"Feelings are intense, words are trivial" Gilbert replies, quickly understanding what was going down.

"Pleasures remain, so does the pain" Emily smiles, getting in the moment.

"What's going on?" Antonio asks Sakura who was right behind Emily.

"No idea" Was the reply.

"Words are meaningless, and forgettable." Gilbert grins. Both he and Emily stand up and begin rocking out to the unheard music of Depeche Mode, singing the chorus, much to the dismay of Ms. Wang, who had actually had the intention of teaching today.

The English and French were having a war over territory, and the Prussians and Americans were being loud. The Spanish and the Japanese just stare in awe.



"Aright sweetie, you ready for this?" Francesca asks dragging Alice to the builtin board that would have the results for the audition.

"No, look for me Frog." Alice says standing a few feet back as they arrived at the board.

"Antonio got Fiyero! His ass will be seen by millions, and he will become a true boss." Francesca says, teasing Alice with the results.

"Get on with it." Alice groans.

"Hey! Vash is going to be Boq! I didn't even know he tried out!"

"Come on!" Alice says, getting anxious.

"Ivan Braginski as the Wizard of Oz... Somehow that doesn't sit well with me."


"Francesca Bonnefoy, is Galinda, with a Ga!" Francesca does a little hop for joy, "And last, a only probably least, we have the role of Elpheba. For World W Academy's production of Wicked, the the role of Elpheba shall go to, drumroll please?"

"OH shove off, let me look" Alice says shoving the French girl to the side. Francesca smiles upon seeing the shocked look on the English girls face. Alice smiled upon recovering from the shock.

"No way."

"Yes way! We're going to be together EVERYDAY for practice! Wonderful, non?" Francesca laughs, giving the other a huge smile. The smile Alice had quickly faded upon that realization.

"... Oh god what have I done?"



"You make it sound bad that you got the role!"

"A whole month of pretending to like you!"



"Okay stop it."

Defying Gravity ch 3by The-Fantard42

Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor©2012-2014 The-Fantard42
I have a horrible habit of not posting things here.
Tumblr, Fanfiction, I always neglect you guys, and I'm sorry.
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