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November 23, 2012
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Gilbert backed away from the Japanese teen. It was almost a law that anyone who dare even look at Mr. Wang's younger brother would suffer the wrath of a thousand pandas.

Mr. Wang had the issue of being over protective with all of his siblings, except maybe a certain Korean. Gilbert knew he wasn't getting out of this alive if word of this escaped the classroom.

"... So I see you like Miku! Ha ha.. ha." Gilbert said, not in the awesome mind set for the moment, "She's great, totally wasn't trying to molest you or anything."

Kiku just stared at the platinum haired teen with a blank expression on his face.

"Miku-Chan is my idol." Kiku continues staring at the other in turn making Gilbert feel awkward.

"... Awesome." Gilbert cracks a smile, though he loses it quickly noticing the others still blank expression.

"I'm not going to tell my brother-"

"Gott sei dank! I thought you were gong to have me sacrificed to some sort of panda god or something" Gilbert says regaining his cool/awesome composure.

"Sacrifices are only made when someone pisses off an albino panda." Kiku states, showing no emotion. Gilbert was starting to notice a pattern.

"Uh, albino panda?" The taller teen questions.

"Polar bears." Kiku clarifies.

"Okay... " Gilbert smiles, "Say, why don't I give you an awesome little nugget of awesome advice?"

"Somehow I don't thing I get a choice in the matter" Kiku mutters just loud enough for the other to hear him.

"You don't! Anyways, should you find a small large dog sized polar bear in the forest, kiss it. Don't ask why, just know you could potentially be saving the entire world from freaky guys who know magic" Gilbert says, referencing only god knows what.

"Alright..." Kiku says, not really sure what to take from that.

"By the way, My name is Gilbert the Awesome, feel free to praise me." Gilbert says, finally introducing himself to the other.

"I'm Kiku. yoroshiku onegaishimasu." Kiku bows his head "You're Ludwig-San's older brother, aren't you?"

"You know my baby brother? That's awesome!" Gilbert smiles, "How are he and Feli?"

"Eh, he's gotten much more strict with Feliciano-Kun. They act just like Yuuki and Shuichi, but with less yelling... or more, I'm not quite sure." Kiku comments, finally losing the cold composure.

"Why can't they just be moe like the guys from Tight Rope after all the violence and crap?" Gilbert asks.

"You watch that?" Kiku asks, a little shocked that the other knew about his obvious reference to a yaoi manga.

"I know a chick. But that's not important... So I have a band" Gilbert says making absolutely no effort in creating a seg way.


"And we're looking for a vocalist. You have a nice voice, and we're hosting auditions at my place on Saturday at noon." Gilbert tells the other in a flirtatious tone.


"I'd really appreciate it if you could make it there, I know I'm going to hate everyone there, so it'd be nice if I had someone to look foreword to hearing. What do ya' say?" Gilbert asks giving his best seductive smile.

"Maybe." Kiku gave a shy smile at the other.


"Gilbert! Darling! Where are you mon ami! Are you mad at Papa!?" came a voice from the hallway.

"Amigo! Whatever Francis did to you, you we can sue for, where are you?!"

Kiku gave a small giggle and Gilbert smiled at him.


"Gilbert, wake up or I'm not feeding you today"

It was Saturday morning, the day Gilbert was both looking foreword to but regretting.

"Mon ami, if you don't wake up, I'll be forced to take drastic measures."

"And he will, trust me, Romano told me what he does, and just because I don't notice doesn't mean you won't. you act like a girl when-"

"You two, shut up." Gilbert says, lifting him self up into a cobra position, stretching his back out. Moments mater he realizes his two pervy bestfriends were hovering over him while he was still mostly unconscious. And he was on the floor without any pants.

"How long have you been here?" Gilbert asks standing up and finding his bet to sit down.

"Long enough to make you uncomfortable, but that's beside the point. It's 11:30 and you're still in bed, you have people coming over in half an hour!" Francis says poking the other's forehead repeatedly.

"Your ass doesn't have magical powers like mine, so you wont be greeted with a hoard of fangirls if you walk out there without any pants." Antonio crosses his arms, attempting to lecture the other, utterly failing.

"You saying my ass ain't good enough for you? Is that why you're getting a new member for the band!? My ass isn't good enough for you! I thought what we had was special Toni!" Gilbert says, sleep getting the best of his better judgment.

"Mon ami, you have a beautiful ass, now get it clothed so we can finish setting things up in the garage." Francis tells the Prussian

"Alright already, get out so I can prance around naked in peace."


"Hello! Welcome to the garage of The Bad Touch Trio. I am Francis, ladies, and a few men, if you would please leave your phone number with me, that would be much appreciated" Francis says as he greets the surprisingly large hoard of people who showed up to the audition.

"Mein Gott, you guys just killed my Saturday. And possibly Sunday!" Gilbert says, Antonio smiling an nodding. As Francis was busy chatting up the ladies and explaining things to the hoard, Antonio and Gilbert just sat at their American Idol-esqu desk.

"Blame Francis, he told Alfred, and Alfred knows everybody. Those are all probably his doing." Antonio smiles at Gilbert, "I'm just hoping Lovi will show up"

"Right. I actually have someone I want to show up too, and he's totally cute!" Gilbert tells Antonio

"Really!? Who? Is she cute?" Antonio asks

"Actually it's Professor Wang's younger brother." Gilbert smiles a bit thinking about it.

"I always knew you had a death wish, but I didn't know it was this bad. Which one?" Antonio asks, already knowing the horrors of Panda-Freak Yao.


"Kiku Honda? What about the cute little ragamuffin?" Francis asks taking a seat at the table

"Gilbert has a death wish"

"I do not!"

"Can't blame him, Kiku's almost sickeningly adorable. Let's chat about that later, we have people to sift through, alright?" Francis says, almost saddened by the fact they couldn't talk about random cuties from their school.

"Whatever." Gilbert sighed, it was going to be a long day.

Stargazer ch 2by The-Fantard42

Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor©2012-2014 The-Fantard42
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So here's chapter two if you've been waiting for this.
You probably weren't
AuraTh56 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student General Artist
...OwO PRUSSIA JAPAN STUFFS YEA *tackle hugs* <33 I love this story so far >w<
The-Fantard42 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012   Traditional Artist
*flails for help* Thanks, glad you like it .W.
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